In this week’s Story Of Change, Janette Edmonds of Beautifully You Photography, shares with us the 3 key events that have set her on the trajectory to be the woman she is today, doing what she does, living life uniquely. You can listen in HERE.

We begin in 2004 on a fateful trip to the farmer’s market. There, a photograph caught Janette’s eye. She thought to herself “I could do that”. And she did. This is remarkable when you consider that Janette was a project manager in corporate at the time and didn’t even have a camera. But she did have an instinct that her seemingly random thought needed to be acted upon. So she called a local wedding photographer and asked if she could shadow her. 6 months later Janette opened up her first studio.

The second key event in Janette’s story involved the difficult decision to leave her marriage. Six months later she had a breakdown. Navigating and integrating that experience shaped Janette to be the woman she is today and sparked an interest in Buddhism as a spiritual practice which remains a constant in her life.

Janette’s third catalytic event was founded on more “I could do that” thinking. This time in the context of Boudoir photography for women. Nowadays Janette’s clients mostly have their clothes on, and women come to see her from a wide geographical area.

Over the years Janette has photographed cancer patients, business owners, and professional women in corporate. She has a knack of helping women feel good about themselves and gain confidence as they see themselves with the new perspective offered through the lens of a camera. This helps them go forth and make brave decisions, whatever their circumstances.

Women tend to seek Janette out when they want to document a transformation through photography, or simply help themselves through a journey of transformation. It was really lovely to hear Janette describe how her own story of change was so intricately linked with and shaped by her clients’ stories.

Through her photography work and her own journey of transformation, Janette has fulfilled her dream of owning a home by the sea. Time now for a new dream. India was mentioned. I can feel a sequel coming on.

To hear the full Story Of Change listen in HERE.

I hope you enjoy.

Please feel free to pass this on to who-ever you think may need a bit of encouragement and inspiration at this weird time.