Listen in to Johanna Derry Hall share her experience of making the move out of London to Edinburgh in our 14th story of change. It’s jam packed with goodies about decision making and how a transition process can unfold and for anyone who has contemplated a move or is in the midst of one, it’s a must listen.

The stirrings of a change in location began for Johanna in 2016. Her initial thinking to explore this was by experimenting with living out of London for a month and noticing the impact this had on her work as a self-employed journalist and editor. Instead she went to the US to campaign for Hilary Clinton. So not quite the data gathering process Johanna had imagined!

But once agitation for change arrives, it will have its way with you if you dare to let it. Fast forward to November 2020 and Johanna is married, living in Edinburgh, and has just had an offer on a house accepted. 

Her story of change is a rich account of the interplay of factors in decision making, both individually and then in a partnership.  Instinct and reason, exploring and narrowing down, riding the waves of turbulence in the outside world, considering new information coming in, holding thinking lightly where necessary, paying attention to feelings, being decisive when an opening arises and not looking back, all came into the process.

Johanna also talks about the stress-easing impact of having one thing constant in a transition process. That one thing turned out to be her work, which is so interesting given that this being impacted negatively was one of Johanna’s major worries.

We close with the wise and somewhat thought-provoking words of Johanna’s aunt: “Change is a state of youth.” Stay young at heart by keeping on changing.

You can listen to the full Story Of Change HERE.

I hope you enjoy.

Please feel free to pass this on to who-ever you think may need a bit of encouragement and inspiration at this weird time.