Suzi Payton shares Episode 13 of Stories of Change with us today and kicks off the November 2020 Lockdown 2.0 series! I am always amazed and inspired to hear what brave new steps people take in their work and their life as they forge a new path.

The summary version of Suzi’s story is seeing furlough as an opportunity to work intensively to complete a life coaching qualification started many years prior. With that in place Suzi has laid the foundation to create a new income stream by combining her coaching skills with improvisation comedy workshops (a long-time love of hers) and neuro-diversity training. She aims to specialise in working with women with ADHD.

Talking to Suzi I was struck by how threads of activities that were initiated in the past are now coming together beautifully, accelerated by a mindset shift. Her change in thinking has given her permission to value what she really wants in her work and life, choose it, and take purposeful action to bring it about! What she really wants includes a new business that expresses all of her skills and experience. Through her hard work that is now being born.

I asked Suzi how it felt to complete something she’d started years ago and see her dream becoming a reality. “Amazing” she said. “Really exciting.” Suzi now feels she’s on the path to where she truly wants to be. Well done Suzi and thanks for sharing your story with us.

The full Stories Of Change episode is 8.30 minutes long. So have a breather from whatever you’re up to and listen in HERE.

I hope you enjoy.

Please feel free to pass this on to who-ever you think may need a bit of encouragement and inspiration at this weird time.